February 1st

Sunday February 1st, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I got up at 7:00am and almost had breakfast ready when Boyd and Syd left for R.V.A.  They got in their car but it wouldn’t start so I had to wait to fry our eggs until M.G. did some work on the battery.  I mixed some soda water for him to clean it.  M.G. went to Muguga and I went to Kentmere.  I took Mama Obongo and Joyce with me.  Mama Obongo was having trouble with her voice.  Joyce took her youngest child with us for she wasn’t feeling well.  She cried a good bit.  Patsy Dison and her kids come in about 9 o’clock so I warmed them some cinnamon rolls, and made them a cup of tea.  Tonight after church I went to a baby shower for Sarah Good, Elizabeth McGhee, and Asa (the girl from Norway).  We got Charlie on the ham tonight.

Dad had to work on an empty stomach today.  Knowing that my love for breakfast came from his lineage I can guess that he must have cared for Boyd and Syd an awful  lot to let them stand in the way of eggs in any form.  Mom even got to help out with the mechanic work today with her special recipe soda water.

Mom and Dad then split ways to go to different services and minister to two villages at once.  Mom did not say but Dad missed out on the baby noise during his car ride to Muguga.  He probably just had to deal with live chickens in the aisle or something mundane like that.

Once again this day Mom chooses to provide for her fellow missionaries by fixing some rolls and tea for the ladies.  Mom always made it seem like she enjoyed feeding folks on the spur of the moment and truthfully she probably did.

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