January 31st

Sunday January 31st, 1982
Knoxville, Tennessee
This morning we picked up Ken at 9 o’clock at the B.S.U.   We took him to Middle Creek Baptist Church 2 miles out of Oliver Springs.  Ken was speaking in the morning service and at 2:30pm he was doing magic and having a rap session with the young people.  M.G. and I went on to Black Oak to church.  Then we went to eat lunch with Jack and Virginia Sue.  Mom, Dad, and Virgil ate too.  Charlotte was at the hospital with her mother who is very ill.  At 2:30pm M.G. went to Melvin Hill’s house to talk on the ham radio to Kenya.  He was able to hear real well.  Virginia Sue and I went to see Wallace and Fern Cantrell.  They used to be my school teachers and basketball coach.  Tonight M.G. and I went to Arlington Baptist Church.  They are fixing us an apartment which will be ready in April.

I am sure Dad and Mom were glad that their younger son finally had a speaking engagement at a Baptist church.  Maybe they thought I was a late blooming preacher that had at long last gotten his ministry started.  Alas, I was only practicing the “black” arts and leading a “rap” session with the youth.  Then the apple fell far from the tree and I became a computer geek.

Mom and Dad got to have lunch and fellowship with relatives.  I feel certain that they enjoyed this much more than listening to my speaking.  Dad got a chance to speak to Kenya instead of from Kenya today and seemed to enjoy the swap.  Meanwhile Mom took this opportunity to show some old acquaintances that she really did finally amount to something after all.

Tonight the folks got a look at the apartment that would be our home until Mom went to her true home in heaven.  They thought at the time that this was just a bump in the road on the highway of life.

I know that I sometimes wish I could see into the future so as to prepare better for it.  In this instance I am glad that the Lord chose to keep me in the dark.  Because in my weakness he is made strong.

1 thought on “January 31st

  1. Cindy

    You are an excellent speaker! Now about rap???????? I know what your Momma means.

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