January 29th

Saturday January 29th, 1972
Limuru, Kenya
Today was play day at Limuru.  There were not too many present.  We went to Rosslyn to see Alan play ball against RVA.  RVA won by several touchdowns.  Just as we were turning into the road at Rosslyn, a truck load of Africans hit us from the back.  M.G. got out to check on them and one of the men grabbed his glasses.  Then later the same man came to my side of the car with a big rock and said, “Give me 5 shillings or I will kill you.”  I didn’t have anything less than a 20 shilling note, so I just gave it to him.   He said, “I will go get change.”  The other Africans in the car said that he was a mad man and had escaped from the mental institution in Mathari Valley.

Today’s turnout at play day was less than spectacular.  It seems that the Cunningham family were the driving force behind this event and since they were not running the show things kind of fizzled out.

Alan, being the sportsman of the family, had a game today so the Duncan troop loaded up to go see the eldest son strut his stuff.  Unfortunately we were playing our arch rival RVA that day and they used Rosslyn for cannon fodder.  Since I have attended both schools I now know that RVA were using a little known but effective device to get their team a victory.  They promised them that upon victory they would not have to eat at the dining hall when they returned.

The major excitement did not occur at the game but on the way to the match.  While in Kenya I was fortunate to be in very few car accidents.  However when you were involved in a fender bender you were sure to have an entertaining story as well as need of body work by the end of the event.  Today’s wreck was no exception, from the swiping of the glasses to trading money for your life the events proved interesting to say the least.  Looking back on the incident I have decided that there was more than one person at the scene who was a “bubble off plumb”.  The aforementioned mad man with the rock and the group that really believed he was going to get change!

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