January 28th

Thursday January 28th, 1982
Knoxville, Tennessee and White Oak, South Carolina
This morning we got up early and left home about 8:00am to pick up Ken so that he could drive us to the airport.  We left Knoxville at 9:25am and got to Atlanta at 10:20am.  Alan was already there.  He had flown in from Monroe, Louisiana.  We had only 30 minutes with him, but they were great.  He looked real nice.  There were very few people on our flight to Columbia.  When we arrived there a bus from North Side Baptist Church was there to bring us to the Conference Center.  The Joe Barrows, Davis Saunders, Wayne and Carroll Brown, Don and Ina Frazier, and several other folks were there when we arrived.

Even though furlough was a great time to catch up with stateside family and kin, as a missionary you still continued to work with the ultimate goal in mind.  That is the goal of spreading Christ to a dying world.

Part of the missionary gig is learning how to compress family time into quality segments.  Mom and Dad got a chance to spend some of these “quality” moments with Alan in the Atlanta airport.  Although Hartsfield-Jackson International is not the place anyone would choose for a family reunion they made do and did the best with the hand life dealt them.

Upon arrival at the conference they were greeted by missionary friends from the past and present and true to their nature soon set up a home away from home complete with a “42 tourney” and tall tales of exploits both here and on the field.

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