January 27th

Tuesday January 27th, 1970
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning I taught my class as usual.  For lunch I made a beef pot pie and tossed salad.  This afternoon when M.G. and I went to pick up Randall we could not find him.  M.G. went into the school office to call his mother to see if she had picked him up.  In the meantime Randall ran up behind me.  He said that he had been hiding.  We got after him for doing this.  I went by the grocery store for a few items.  M.G. failed to give the boy who carried out our bags some money, so I went back to give him some.  I wasn’t sure that I gave it to right one.  We got a letter from Aunt Emma today and she said that Quienie her dog had died.  Also that Carolyn Long had surgery on her back.

Mom and Dad started out the day as normal and things went downhill from there.  A long standing rule of the Duncan household deals with proper etiquette when waiting for a ride from the parental units.  From an early age we were taught that if the meeting time and spot were set at 4:00pm you needed to arrive there at 3:50pm and be waiting patiently when Dad or Mom arrived.  Randall had evidently not received the memo describing proper technique.  He instead chose poorly and decided to play an impromptu game of hide and seek.  I am most certain that Mom understated things when she said, “We got after him for doing this.”

Poor Dad was in such a lather that he stiffed the bag boy at the store.  Mom in turn felt sorry for the little waif and tried to right the wrong and ended up giving the tip to another young lad.  So it looks like the only winner of the day was the youngster that went home that day with yet another “crazy white man” story!

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