January 24th

Sunday January 24th, 1965
Richmond, Virginia
We sat with Dr. Goerner and other missionaries going to Africa and some on furlough at lunch.  Dr. Cauthern preached at the morning service, and told of the times when you would possibly lose loved ones; but reminded us that God would be victorious.  The highlight of the night session was the panel on “Family Life” led by Mrs. Cauthern.  We were reminded of the advantages that our children would have such as living on two continents, knowing two languages, traveling by plane and boat, knowing denominational leaders, knowing children from other lands, and knowing other missionaries.  We were reminded of the importance of the home.

Evidently Dr. Cauthern had some experience with losing loved ones while he and his wife were on the field.  Turns out his words proved true to the mark because almost every missionary I know has lost a close loved one while serving God on another continent.  Interestingly enough the second part of his statement has been proven just as true.  Again almost every mission family that has encountered such a loss later tells of the marvelous power of Christ witch not only wipes away all tears, but brings healing and strength throughout the ordeal. 

Mrs. Cauthern had the toughest job of the day when she was tasked with “selling” the entire crowd on the advantages of raising kids overseas.  Once again it appears she was right on the mark.  I personally cannot hope to list all the advantages that I have enjoyed because I was raised in another land.  Living in Africa has given me an entirely different outlook on my life and what it means to really be a Christian.  True, I did without some of the more crucial items such as Frito’s corn chips and Dr. Pepper while growing up but that did not stop me from becoming well rounded in more than one sense of the word.  Thanks to my folks, and their decision to sell out to Christ, I have led and continue to live a wonderful life!

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