January 23rd

Wednesday January 23rd, 1980
Knoxville, Tennessee
This morning we got up about 6:30 and began to finish our packing.  Then we ate our breakfast.  Jimmy, Estella, Scotty, and George came by to take us to the airport.  We went by U.T. to see Ken and Alan.  We talked with them for a few minutes.  M.G. left our clock radio with Alan to keep.  M.G. checked on our bill for our stay in Houston and paid it.  We were very pleased to learn that it was only $102.00 for 4 nights.  Ken went to the airport with us, but Alan had a class so he felt it best not to miss the class.  It is so hard to say good-bye to the boys.  We called Dryna from the Atlanta airport.  We left out of New York about 6 o’clock and rode all night.  We were on a 747 with only 76 people aboard.

Leaving day always brought excitement and tears.  Today was especially emotional because Mom was leaving not one but two boys here in the states.  It seems strange how we try to pack a lifetime into those last minutes with our loved ones.  Dad was all business, making sure his clock had a new home and checking on an outstanding bill.  Mom was no doubt giving Alan and I last second advice on the latest subject to cross her mind.  Mostly we were just making sure to remind each other of how much we loved and would miss them.  Today’s post just serves as a reminder to me to make each moment here with the ones we love count.  Because as our Lord says we are not promised our next breath much less the next day.

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