January 22nd

Friday January 22nd, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I continued to cut up our meat.  We gave quite a bit to the Africans, but many of them would not eat the zebra.  They say that it is against their tribal custom.  Tonight Alan took care of the Turner boy again.  He made 4/00 shillings.  He kept calling and said that he was bored stiff.  He tidied up the house he said and took exercises.  Tonight I looked through some old Clinton Couriers and cut out recipes.

I would say that some of my readers “tribal customs” would prevent them from eating zebra also.  No, it does not taste like chicken!  Actually zebra and other wild meat I ate in Kenya tasted like lean beef.  This kind of makes sense since most if not all of these animals are grassland dwelling.

This must have been Alan’s first foray into babysitting.  Even though he was making good money at the time the reward could not outweigh the boredom.  I find it most interesting that the work was so uninteresting that not only did he “take” exercises but actually cleaned up these people’s house for them.  You might think that these good folks would start booking Alan weeks ahead knowing that they could get a babysitter and housecleaner for the same price.  However, after seeing my brother’s “cleaning skills” I am sure they were glad to escape the night with no broken keepsakes.

Mom was constantly on the lookout for new recipes to try and her hometown paper was always full of good “country cookin” ideas! 

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