January 21st

Sunday January 21st, 1979
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning we went to church at 8:30 at the First Baptist Church where Randy preached.  This was my first time to hear him.  He did real well.  For lunch Virg., Charlotte, and Randy come over here to eat.  We had both boiled and fried shrimp.  This afternoon M.G., Virg., Randy, and another man went to a soccer game at the stadium.  This afternoon one of our missionaries got a message from the states that his uncle had died.  They had to call at the Musens for the phone was disconnected at their house.  Tonight Virg., Charlotte, Randy, and Betty come by for us to rearrange our time down here.  Tonight we went to Wimpy’s for supper.  We were surprised that the hamburgers were actually good.  Today while we were cooking lunch the water went off and we never had any the rest of the day.

Randy is a cousin on Mom’s side of the family.  Randy and his wife Betty were journeymen in Africa during the years we were there.  As a matter of fact they had their firstborn, Heather on the mission field.  To date she is the only newborn I have ever seen with a tan.

Randy’s Mom and Dad came over to visit during their term and got to experience some off the beaten path views of Kenya.  Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame said, “How we handle death is at least as important as how we handle life.”  One of the situations that you must consider before going to the mission field is how you will handle a death in your family.  Even though this is hard anywhere you live if you are separated by 9-10 thousand miles your choices seems to narrow somewhat.  One of our “family” experienced this choice today and to make matters worse he had to receive the call from another family.

Good is a relative term I am sure.  Mom rated the hamburger compared to what could be obtained locally.  As any child knows no burger is good without that “special sauce”!

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