January 20th

Sunday January 20th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I didn’t go out to any villages for M.G. needed to work on the tapes to send to the churches in America who are supporting some of our pastors.  We had lunch with Ed and Mary Horton.  At 4:30 we had a tea for Mr. and Mrs. Lany who are leaving East Africa to go to England to live.  He has worked for Bata Shoe Company for many years and now he is retiring.  Tonight Ginna Adain and Lynn Davis gave their testimony at the English speaking service.  Today Mary Horton was telling me that she overheard her son Jay and Glen Laffoon talking about who was their favorite cousin in the mission.  Jay said that Alan was his and Glen said Ken was his.  Then later in the day Cherry Kirkpatrick and Janice Cruce said that Alan was one of the nicest teen age boys that they had ever seen.  I’m so thankful for such nice boys and I thank God everyday for them.

Dad has always had a heart for the local pastor.  Even in 74’ he was trying to work out some way they could spend more time making their vocation their avocation.  Today he is continuing that effort with the margiesmanna collection being sold on Ebay (See margiesmanna collection write up in page selection on the right).

It seems we had a contact during my formative years that worked at a tennis shoe factory.  Maybe now I know the reason I like white tennis shoes so much.  I prefer to think it is because of the verse found in Ephesians 6:15 about “fitting your feet with the gospel of peace”.  However the true reason probably has more to do with the former explanation than the latter.

I know that I have talked about the family bond that is felt among missionaries.  So in a way I guess that does make me a cousin.  I feel humbled that I enjoyed most favored status with anyone when I was a kid.  I could wax eloquent about how my superior genes combined with my exceptional intellect produced such an outstanding specimen.  But we all know who really gets the credit for these compliments don’t we?  Thanks again Mom and Dad!  Now, Alan on the other hand, how did he get….

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