January 19th

Thursday January 19th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning I wrote up the report of the major events for 1966 and got it ready to send to the FMB.  I cleaned out the “fridge” real good this afternoon.  Tonight we went to the movie, “Boy, did I Get the Wrong Number”.  Bob Hope and Phyliss Diller were the stars in it.  It was good to hear and see some good American comedy.  I made pizza pie for lunch.

I guess there is nothing as cathartic as writing last year’s events to inspire one the clean the refrigerator.  Evidently once Mom got done describing the last year in words she figured the ice box needed a new start also.  I had a similar experience this year when I discovered a ham bone we had been saving for bean soup shoved in the back of our cooler that had been lost to mankind for at least one year.  Needless to say we did not have penicillin soup later that week.

Hope and Diller put on a superior performance at the movie tonight according to Mom.  But when the only comedy you hear are your two sons weak attempts at humor there is most likely no direction any real comedian can go but up.  As I recall this was about the time of the “Knock Knock” joke craze and I am sure that Mom had enjoyed as many of those gags as she could stand.

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