January 18th

Thursday January 18th, 1968
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning I did some chores around the house while M.G. went to the primary school to teach his Bible class.  I went down town to try my skirt on.  I liked the way it fit and felt then I rushed back home and got lunch.  This afternoon I broke green beans for my lunch tomorrow.  Robert came in and talked for awhile.  I had asked him to measure his wife so I would know if any of my dresses would fit her.  He said that her waist was 33 and her bust 30.  I wonder if this is correct.  Ken went down to play with Tim Law this afternoon.  M.G. went out to the guest house to work on the pump and didn’t get in until nearly 8 o’clock.  Simeon and Mama Jane went with him.

Sometimes you take a chance and come out a winner.  Mom had gambled on the dressmaker to produce a quality product and so far the signs were good.  She seemed so pleased with the progress that she rushed back home to arrange a new home for some of her old clothes.  After hearing Roberts measurements I am at a loss as to what device he used to arrive at the numbers quoted.  Mom most likely just eyeballed his wife at a later date and being the seamstress she was made the adjustments on the fly.  In Robert’s defense I can’t buy clothes for my wife either!

Dad spent most of the day at the guest house trying to get things in ship shape order.  He was working on the pump for the water supply today.  I never cease to be amazed the skills necessity builds into each of our lives.  I am pretty sure in seminary Dad didn’t take hydrodynamics 101 as an elective and yet here on the field that is the skill that was of most use today.

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