January 17th

Saturday January 17th, 1976
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. met with his African pastors and leaders to work on the formation of the Association for this area.  Robert and I went to the market.  I bought 7 bananas for 2/00 shillings.  They are going up all the time.  I also got some tomatoes and peas and peanuts.  I got 1.5 lbs for 3/60.  We left to go to Kijabe for Alan’s basketball game at 2 o’clock.  Alan started and played quite a bit.  They played Nairobi School and won 97 to 35.  We ate supper along with the Blakelys.  Ken had gotten D-Hall (1 hr. to stay in after school) for having his cap on in the dining room.  We got letters today from Mrs. Duckett, Charlotte, and Mom.  Mrs. Duckett was telling us about a 10 * 10 * 12 foot deep hole coming in their old yard on Deerfield next to our parsonage.  Mom was telling us about burning her arm.  The vice-president of Kenya’s son was expelled from R.V.A. for getting drunk on Friday night.

Dad follows Baptist tradition and forms an Association with his leaders.  Sometimes I think we Baptists are committee happy.  I guess no one wants to be the guy to make the unpopular decision.  You can always reply to someone’s angst about a particular resolution “the committee voted that way”.

While Dad was setting up the organizational details Mom was bargaining for deals at the open air market.  I would say she took Robert with her in case some of the locals tried to hoo-doo her.  She must have kept tabs on some prices because she knew that banana futures on the Limuru exchange were going long while most of the locals taken a short position.

Alan was the star of the basketball team today and the only thing Ken had to celebrate was extra class time.  I am sure I tried to reason with the staff of the dining hall in regards to my head covering.  I tried all the ploys I could think of including the fact that it was a sanitary move on my part.  However at the end of the day I got to enjoy an extra hour of school.

We got news of the sinkhole in Knoxville and Mama’s unfortunate affliction in the mail today.  I bet Mom blessed both their hearts after reading these letters.

Thankfully I was nowhere near the scene of the Friday night debacle that spelled the end of this boys career at R.V.A.  I can’t claim that superior wisdom kept me out of trouble, only that Dad and Mom would have ended my life early if I had even thought of pulling such a stunt as this.

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