January 16th

Friday January 16th, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning when we got up the electricity was off so I had to cook breakfast on the camp stove.  We did our walk and run to the gate first though.  Finally it came on about 10:30 so I put a roast on to cook for lunch.  This afternoon I went to Muchatha.  Mama Obango went with me.  We went by for Joyce but she had forgotten it (the meeting) and was in the shamba working.  We went on without her.  When we got to Muchatha we had to wait over 30 minutes before anyone arrived.  Then only 2 came besides the women whose house that we were meeting at.  At 5:00 M.G. and I went to Mrs. Patel’s home for supper.  Today was Chuck Evan’s birthday so we had planned to go out to eat to celebrate our joint birthdays since mine was on Wednesday.  After Mrs. Patel asked them they called us and asked us to go there.  Several R.V.A. seniors were there and the staff.  Alf and Pat Rhea, Mr and Mrs. Myers and Molly, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks and Karen, Ralph and Ros, Mr. and Mrs. Entwistle, Mr. and Mrs. Rhea, Clark Dixon and others.

Once you have lived in Africa as long as Mom had the electricity going off did not even register as a small inconvenience.  Mom and Dad literally “took it in stride” and continued on with the plan of the day.

Joyce however had forgotten the “plan” and was working in her garden (shamba in Swahili) when Mom arrived to pick her up for the meeting.  Even though attendance was slim at the meeting they held it anyhow.  Mom just adjusted her lesson so that those present were well “fed” and not stuffed.  (Video Joke to be inserted from work here)

The folks went out for Asian food tonight and met several other missionaries at the women’s house.  Knowing my “fondness” for Asian food I am glad I was in the states at this time.

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