January 15th

Saturday January 15th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning M.G., the boys, and I went to the bank to get money to pay Robert and Simeon.  We bought the boys a straw hat each.  We stopped at the salad bowl and had a coke with Marshall and Tom.  Marshall had just gotten back from Nairobi.  We got some screen door closers that we have been looking for.  Also got Ken a pair of flip-flops.  We saw Mrs. Pugh while in town.  We still know so few people.  This afternoon M.G. and I worked on the boys book shelves again.  Tonight we took Craig Tipton and our boys to the movie, “Mary Poppins”.  We had seen it before but enjoyed it even more after coming through London on our way over.  We came by the post office after the movie and I had a Birthday card from Mama.

The Duncan’s go to town.  Hopefully Mom and Dad got us the straw hats and flip-flops after the trip to the bank.  I think the only thing that would have made me look more like a dork that day was to have been wearing dark socks and shorts.  Actually, since we were in Mombasa and the temperature was probably close to 90 I was most likely in shorts.  Maybe I just need to make sure that the pictures my folks took on that day are lost to society forever.

Don’t let Mom’s statement about not knowing many people fool you.  Mom was the type of person that never met a stranger so she had met and befriended plenty of people by this time in our journey.

After working on our bookshelves today, I guess this was an attempt to get us to fill them up with good books; the folks took us to the movie tonight.  There is something to be said about seeing a movie once you have been in the actual place where filming took place.  I know I take it for granted lots of times because Dad and Mom “dragged” us with them through so many places.  Yet how many people today are filling their “bucket lists” with things I have experienced long ago.

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