January 13th

Saturday January 13th, 1968
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went to town.  M.G. wanted to buy me something for my birthday so I went in and had myself measured for a skirt.  It will cost 25/00 shillings to have it made, and the material was 18/50 shillings per yard.  I hope that I will like it.  We bought steak to charcoal for dinner, and it was very good.  Only cost 11/00 shillings.  This afternoon M.G. and Richard went out to see about the guest house.  The water was low.  After he got back, he took the boys down to the Missions to Seamen place for a swim.  The Millers were leaving just as we came.  Tonight we had supper with the Dressens, and made ice cream afterwards.  Got a letter today from Bill Marshall.

Dad follows the man rules and waits till the last minute to get Mom’s present.  However, he does do the correct thing and gives her something that she picked out.  I am a big fan of cash or gift cards myself.  These presents have the advantage of always pleasing the recipient because you cared enough to give them something you know they can use.  The only drawback to this kind of offering is that your gifts lack the surprise factor.  If I can master that facet (the surprise) of the process I could become a zillionaire.

After enjoying a nice steak Dad heads out to do some mission work on the local guest house.

Things must have turned out ok because later on Alan and I got a chance to go swimming in a pool.

I have sung the song about being in the Lord’s army most of my life.  After reading through Mom’s diaries for this blog I am struck more and more by the camaraderie my folks had with fellow missionaries.  I sure that petty disagreements arose occasionally but for the most part they were united in the cause of Christ.

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