January 12th


Monday January 12th, 1970
Nairobi, Kenya
I worked in the office for awhile this morning, and then taught my Bookkeeping class.  The class began to show a bit more interest this morning.  Maybe they are about over the holidays.  We had a few more calls inquiring about our commercial courses.  This afternoon we went to town, and I looked for a shirt pattern for Alan.  I couldn’t find what I wanted.  I decided to cut a pattern from an old shirt.  This afternoon at 4:30 M.G. and the boys went to the YMCA to play basketball.  Phil Moore came over and played football with them for awhile.  Tonight Alan and M.G. went to look at the football film at the Communications place.

Many times people think all missionaries do is preach under a tree or perform surgery in a hut.  I hope that you can see by reading Mom’s diaries that God requires a willing heart and he will provide the platform to tell people about himself.  Can Christ use you to spread his Good News?  Yes his only prerequisite is to know Him personally and be willing to share that knowledge with people you meet.

Mom proved once again that “necessity is always the mother of invention!”  When you don’t have a shirt pattern that is to your liking simply make a pattern out of an existing shirt.  This is the kind of pioneer mindset that discovered new routes to America or at the very least revealed a new taste treat for starving M.K.’s in Kenya.

Dad took Alan and me to play some basketball today.  Evidently these lessons took root in my brother’s life because he went on to become a star on the high school basketball team.  Although, during his tenure at R.V.A. I never did see him use that 2 handed foul shot that Dad was so proud of.

Later on the sports minded of the family went to watch the NFL game of the week I probably just stayed home and read a good book to entertain myself.

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