January 11th

Wednesday January 11th, 1978
Limuru and Kericho, Kenya
This morning we left Limuru about 10:00am and arrived at Kericho about 2:30pm.  We ate a picnic lunch on the way.  We saw a group from R.V.A. who was riding on bicycles.  They were stopped having a picnic lunch.  When we got to the Bostick’s house we rested for a few minutes and then M.G. began to do the electrical work that he came to do.  Tonight after supper Ronnie picked his guitar and sang some.

Being the village handyman does have some advantages I suppose.  Dad and Mom got to travel around Kenya quite a bit during his fix-em-up runs.  Dad’s resume includes electrical work, plumbing, car mechanic, house builder, appliance repairman, marine mechanic, and ham radio aficionado.  He did all this work in the spare time he had while practicing his real job as church development advisor.  While Mom taught me some great lessons through her kind and compassionate attitude, Dad also imparted a fair amount of wisdom by showing us kids what a true man of God is supposed to be.  I am reminded of the quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson which goes something like this: “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say!”  I know Dad must have grown weary in this well doing but he, like Mom, viewed this work as part of a higher calling.  I would hope that I learn the same lesson today.

Dad did get something tangible out of the deal later when Mr. Bostick broke out in song.  Since I have not heard Ronnie in concert I cannot comment on whether payment was received in full.

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