January 10th


Monday January 10th, 1966
Mombasa and Malindi, Kenya
This morning the Travis family and us went to Malindi and to Gedi National Park which consists of the ruins of a 15th century Arab-African town.  While we were walking around in it we saw a green mamba snake.  M.G. threw a rock at it but missed it.  We saw an Asian boy from the vegetable market acting as a tour guide for some people.  He told us that he was “fasting”.  We barely got back in time for our supper engagement with Helen Gilmore.  She had made some peppermint ice cream and it was delicious.  Also she had chicken spaghetti which is the first we have had out here.

I know all families get to “enjoy” touring famous places.  Alan and I along with the Travis kids did not revel in the tour as much as our folks did.  Looking back on the experience I would say that we were more thrilled about the snake breaking the tedium of looking at old rocks than knowing that these same rocks had survived the test of time.

Dad’s homemade missile missed the mark in this case.  I don’t know what he would have done had he connected with the serpent?  Green Mamba’s are among the most poisonous reptiles in the world and you really don’t want one mad at you from a misplaced rock.

The local tour guide was not eating in observation of his religious beliefs.  We almost got the chance to practice a little fasting ourselves but thankfully we made it back in time for spaghetti and ice cream.

1 thought on “January 10th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    Are you trying to kill me? The only good snake is a dead snake!! On the other hand, the boys think it is

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