January 8th

Monday January 8th, 1979
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G., Randy, and Mrs. Cope went to town to show Mrs. Cope around.  They had lunch at the Supreme Hotel (Asian Food).  They came by Rosslyn Academy and picked up Ken and brought him home.  He was there with a group putting on a play.  This morning Ron Bodenhamer, Bill Curp, and I met to plan the Bible studies for the next quarter.  This afternoon I made 2 banana cream pies for tomorrow.  Tonight Randy, Betty, and Mrs. Cope had supper with Cherry and Vance Kirkpatrick.  We got a letter written on a birthday card to me from Connie Stoutt who had dated Alan some.  Also, got a clipping of Alan from the Baptist and Reflector.   Mrs. Moore from Memphis sent it.  She is an 82 year old woman.

Dad and Randy, (my cousin) gave his mother-in-law a tour of the town this morning.  I am sure they went to the carving stalls, the local market, and all the usual places that a tourist would go.  They ended up the morning with a indigenous taste treat at the Supreme Hotel.  I for one am glad I missed this spread because it was the “hated” Asian food.

Ken was giving his thespian skills a workout at Rosslyn today.  He had a part in Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”.  His was a pivotal role with much of the basis for the plot hinging on his 6 lines.  That’s right I dressed up in panty hose and bloomers and wore pancake makeup for 6 stinking lines, two of which were “eh” and “fore-sooth”.   With my Oscar winning performance in the can I quickly made my way back to the house with Dad trying not to notice the peals of maniacal laughter at the spectacle I had portrayed.

Mom, meanwhile, was coordinating Bible studies and banana cream pies for the future.  She was providing sustenance for the mind and body wrapped up in a flaky crust.  True to her nature Mom’s most effective course of sharing came through her cuisine.

Mom got a birthday card with a special note written inside.  No doubt the suitor sought to gain the support of Alan’s Mom in her quest to win the prize.

Alan, like Elvis, had groupies throughout the state of Tennessee.  Mrs. Moore, from Memphis no less, had sent Mom some clippings on Alan from Tennessee’s official Christian news journal.

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