January 7th

Thursday January 7th, 1982
Knoxville, Tennessee
This morning I went out to the vocational school in Clinton to get me a permanent.  A student named Angie Foust gave it to me.  Then M.G. and I went to Mom’s for lunch.  Aunt Mattie was there too.  M.G. met Gaylon Jeffers who married Barbra Brummett while he was waiting for me.  Gaylon gave him a typewriter so we could have one to use while we are here.  At 2:00pm we met with David Peach who is in charge of the Baptist Ministries for the World’s Fair.  He wants M.G. to direct some work for the fair.  We went to see Mrs. Shorter who is in the hospital.  Then we came by the grocery store, and stayed home tonight.  We were both very tired.

I have been married for over 20 years and have been around women getting permanents for close to 50 years.  I can honestly say I still don’t understand what a permanent really is.  Perhaps it is because the least permanent thing about my body is the hair on my head.

Mom learned a lot of her cooking skills from her mother so Dad and Mom scored big by landing a meal with the matriarch.  Gaylon Jeffers must be the most mission minded person I know because during the midst of getting hitched he found time to loan the missionaries an old fashion word processer.  No, I am sure that he did not get married during Mom’s hair appointment.

Dad had the opportunity to do so work at the World’s Fair during its run in Knoxville.  He helped man the Baptist Ministries building and was on hand to facilitate relations with many of the visitors during that time.  After a quick trip to the store via the hospital Dad and Mom called it a night and spent a relaxing evening at home.

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