January 6th

Tuesday January 6th, 1976
Limuru, Kenya
Today was a very busy day getting everything ready to take the boys back to boarding school.  I made barbecued chicken for lunch and a freezer of ice cream.  Just as we were getting ready to eat it Vestal Blakely and Mandy came in so they had some.  They brought Mandy’s hair dryer for M.G. to fix.  We left to go to R.V.A. at 3:30, but just when we got to Limuru I asked Ken if he got his key to his trunk and he had forgotten it so we came back for it.  Too we bought them each a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of flip-flops for Alan.  Ken got himself a chain to put his knife on so that he would not lose it.  The C.D. A. meeting began at supper tonight.  Don Smith was the preacher for tonight.

The day we moved back to school always brought mixed emotions for me.  I would get to see my buddies after a month’s hiatus and yet with this joy came the sorrow of having to eat at the Rift for 3 months.  Mom tried to assuage this transition by fixing a send off repast fit for kings.

I wonder how Mandy timed that hair dryer breakdown to coincide with meal time.  Mandy, if your reading this I am just kidding I know no missionary kid would purposely plan a mishap just to enjoy a meal at Mom’s table.

Ever the eager one to return to the house if for but one moment Ken tries the “I forgot my trunk key at home ploy!”  Mom and Dad were far too clever for me and soon we were back on the road set to arrive at the Rift.

Once Alan and I made it to school we got to do what all kids do on the first day of classes.  That’s right, we showed off what we got new during vacation.

Maybe I did forget my key since I spent some well earned shillings on a chain to keep my knife in tow.  Thankfully I have grown out of that forgetfulness stage and … now what was I going to say?

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