January 5th

Monday January 5th, 1970
Nairobi, Kenya
I spent most of the morning trying to get the house in order again, and gathered up all the dirty clothes.  Dirk had lunch with the boys.  This afternoon I went to the supermarket and did some shopping.  Tonight we went to station meeting at the Moore’s house.  The Hootens were there.  I saw in today’s paper where an elephant had gored a 6 year old boy.  He was out camping with his father and some other fathers and sons.

It seems at first glance that all Mom did was clean up after us boys.  Even though I am a self confessed slob I did not think I was this much trouble.  As it so happened the reason she was cleaning was we had just returned from a hunting expedition.  Once I went back and read some of her entries from the first of the month and realized this I did not feel so bad.  Ok, I did not feel that bad anyway at least until now some 30 odd years later.

The hunt turned out to be quite a success our party bagged 6 zebra and 2 waterbuck.  This would keep us and our families in meat for quite some time.

I am sure Dad got an earful after Mom saw the story about the 6 year old.  Although during my time in Kenya we had some close calls with “Dumbo” (See blog on June 21st about Mom and the elephant) and his cousins, I never did fear going out on a hunt while Dad was around.

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