January 4th

Thursday January 4th, 1979
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we got up and left for the airport at 7:15am.  The Donaldsons were supposed to be on the British Airways Flight but they were not.  The weather in London is so bad that all flights are cancelled.  We came by Westlands and got some meat and fruit.  Then we came by Tigoni store and got our paper.  Then we came home and took the 403 Peugeot over to the Tigoni service station so that we could leave the 404 to be welded.  We then went on down to the chicken factory to get a box of chickens to put in the deep freeze.  By this time we were due to be on the orientation program.  We had lunch at the assembly.  This afternoon I cleaned out Ken’s room.  I put a bunch of stuff in the storeroom.  Tonight we called the airport and they said that the flight would not arrive until in the morning so we are not going back at midnight tonight.  I talked to Mrs. Rhea on the phone tonight.  We got a letter from Alan written while he was at Eddie and Dryna’s house.

Mom and Dad started off with a bang today.  The international airport was about 30 miles as the crow flies from our house in Tigoni.  I am not sure why we were picking up the Donaldsons instead of the missionaries stationed in Nairobi but I am sure there was a good reason.

Since we did not get to fetch the folks Mom and Dad tried to redeem the time while they were out.  After stopping by Westlands (Kenyan supermarket) they then went on to Tigoni store (Local convenience store) and last but not least dropped by the chicken factory (Wholesale buying club outlet) before returning home carried to safety by the reliable 403.

Mom spent the better part of the afternoon sorting out my room.  I wish to say a word on my behalf, my room was not spic and span but was also not a pig sty.  I guess Mom wanted to make sure when the “House” patrol (other mission wives) dropped by we did not suffer a bad report on account of Ken’s livable but disheveled room.

Dad and Mom got to relax tonight and not go to the airport thanks to a well timed phone call.  Perhaps the most amazing part of this whole entry was that our phone worked twice in the same day, not necessarily a good bet in Kenya at the time.

On a side note please pray for Kenya during these troubled times.  I know that the answer is not in government but in God!

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