January 3rd

Saturday January 3rd, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning at 10 o’clock I went up to the Tigoni Church to meet with the leaders of the association for women’s work.  Finally at 12:20 the last two arrived.  We were trying to plan the program for next Saturday and some were trying to nominate the new officers for next year.  For lunch we had bread and a coke.  M.G. was meeting with some of his leaders too.  So he had lunch by himself here at home.  Later in the afternoon I shampooed my hair and rolled it.  M.G. went out to the garage to finish working on our Peugeot 403.  Joe, Susan’s boyfriend from the American Embassy brought us a video tape of the Johnny Majors show after the Kentucky and Vandy games.  I called Cherry about coming to look at it and she invited us for supper.  Joe and Susan were there too.  We had hamburgers and chocolate pie.  Too, they shared their Fritos with us.  After supper we looked at the video.  It was good to see Alan kicking again; also Majors said nice things about him.

African time!  Oh how I miss not having to worry about deadlines.  A number of my readers hail from the mission field and fully understand the above comment.  It seems the associational meeting was getting off to a rollicking start.  I wonder if part of the criteria for new officers was going to be promptness, if so then no one present had the credentials for the job.  At least those two stragglers arrived for the sumptuous lunch of bread and coke.  Thankfully this meal contained at least one of the items from the latest food pyramid.

Dad was meeting with his leaders also but he got business done and lunch at the house for a change.

While Mom was washing her hair and getting fixed up for the evening Dad took the opportunity to keep the “last of the Peugeots” in good repair.

This evening the folks were invited to dine and delve into a recent video of “the Swahili Sidewinder” at work against Vandy and Kentucky.  I am sure that Mom and Dad were willing to put up with Joe since he did provide the video and of course, Fritos!  I am glad to hear that nice things were said about my brother on local T.V. but would have loved the chance to give them some real scoop on “Big Al”.  Of course I jest!  But I do admit it is an interesting jux ta position to think that people in the Athletic Department know more about me than they do about Alan these days.

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