January 1st


Friday January 1st, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went into Nairobi to the airport to see if we could meet Helen Gilmore.  She was supposed to arrive today, but we did not know her flight.  We finally came home after 10 o’clock when we never did find her.  We had the Turners for lunch again today.  We barbecued ribs.  Tonight we went to the drive-in movie, “An Elephant Called Slowly”.  It was filmed here in East Africa.  The animal pictures and scenery was very good, but the story was lousy.

Although it may seem odd to go to an airport without a flight number in Kenya it was a perfectly natural thing to do.  In the early 70’s international flights were not that common and would only arrive on certain days.  Today you would not think of just showing up and hoping to see your party.  Life was truly much simpler then.

Mom had some fellow missionaries for lunch today and ribs were on the menu.  Having eaten Mom’s BBQ ribs I would say that the Turners enjoyed some pretty good chow two days in a row.

George Adamson starred as himself in this movie.  He and his ex-wife Joy were known for the “Born Free” movie.  From the sound of Mom’s diary he should have stuck to technical adviser and not tried to move into screenwriter status.  But you know the old saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

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