December 31st

Sunday December 31st, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
We went to Sunday school and Church this morning.  This is my last Sunday to teach the M.K.’s for beginning in January Linda Miller (the journeyman) will teach them.  Tonight we had a watch party at Helen’s house.  Marshall Phillips, Jim Houser, and Jean Law played and sang hillbilly songs.  Some played 42 and Rummy and others of us read magazines.  Now we can say, “This year we go home.”  This next year we, the Phillips, and the Hootens all go home.  Simeon was supposed to come and take care of the boys at 8 o’clock but didn’t show up so I had to get his wife to keep them.

New Year’s Rockin’ eve in Mombasa Kenya.  Those missionaries really know how to party.  With all the hilarity of hillbilly songs, cut throat Rummy, and magazine reading who can say what went on at that party!

Mom’s simple diary entry mirrors how I feel as we approach the year 2008.  The New Year was going to contain endings, beginnings, and excitement.  Mom’s simple wisdom is something I will try to emulate this year.  She focused on the prospect of finishing their first term in Kenya and going home.  However, I am sure that in her enthusiasm to get home she did not forget the reason she was here in the first place.  She had begun a good work and wanted to end well.  She did, I hope to, will you?

See you next year!

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