December 27th

Friday December 27th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Robert was late coming in.  He said that he had a tooth pulled and was sick.  It was a lower front tooth.  M.G. had to go into Nairobi to pay for the animals that we killed on the hunt.  Alan mowed the front lawn.  Later in the day M.G. and the boys worked on the car seat.  M.G. picked some mustard greens from the garden.  The house was a mess this morning after two holidays.  Tonight we went to the late movie, “Eleven Harrowhouse”.  On the way back we saw a wrecked truck and three men were standing nearby.  We stopped to help them.  M.G. offered to go for the police or to take the one who was hurt to the hospital here at Tigoni but he wanted us to take him to his brother’s house in Nairobi.  We supposed the truck might be stolen.  Anyway as we were talking a car with Africans in it drove up so we just left them to help them.  The boys and I were so scared, but M.G. was so calm.

If you were thinking that Mom was a bit skeptic about Robert’s tooth incident you would be correct.  Living in Africa almost 10 years and raising two rowdy boys can leave you just a bit on the cynical side.  I am not saying that Mom was the proverbial “doubting Thomas” but she had learned to discern a good excuse from a bad lie.

While Dad went to town to settle things up with the local authorities, Alan attempted to cut the grass.  Alan and I were not averse to manual labor however sometimes when we performed such chores we got the opportunity to “lick that calf again” when Dad got back.  Now that I think about it Dad was no slouch in the perception department either!

We decided to give the 403 seats a new makeover today and Alan and I jumped in with all the gusto we could muster.  We did a fairly good job on the project but reality T.V. is in no danger from us starting our own restoration show.

We went to see “11 Harrowhouse” tonight and while Dad and the boys enjoyed the twists and turns of Grodin’s plot.  Mom caught up on her nap.

While we were traveling back to Limuru and trying to explain the plot to “Sleepy Head” we tried to offer assistance to some of the locals in a bad way.  Dad a.k.a. “Cool Hand Luke” kept his composure while “chicken little” and the hatchlings cowered under the newly refurbished seats.  We returned home none the worse from our brief encounter but with a bit more respect for Dad, our protector and defender.

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