December 26th

Friday December 26th, 1980
Kisumu, Kenya
This morning after breakfast M.G. worked on the Pearce’s washing machine before he and Boyd left to take two African men to a church to deliver some Gideon Bibles.  They thought that they would be back by late lunch, but it was after 4 o’clock before they got back.  In fact Syd, Randall, and I were over at the Donaldsons for tea when they arrived.  They took a bath and came on over.  Tonight we had a late supper, and then Boyd and M.G. worked some more on the washing machine.  This morning Syd and I went downtown but all the stores and craft shops were closed.  Syd and I took a walk this afternoon and got behind a herd of cattle.  The little boy was riding one of the calves.

Christmas of 1980 Mom and Dad are spending the first Christmas without at least one kid in the house.  Rather than sit at home and mope they spread the Christmas cheer to Kisumu and the home of Boyd and Syd Peace.  Dad, as was his fashion, traveled with tool box in tow and soon found himself working on another home appliance.

Mom’s diaries are full of lessons, some more obvious than others it seems.  Dad and Mom were on task even though the local stores were closed for the holidays.  Mom and Dad both never forgot that their purpose in Kenya was to spread the Good News both in season and out.

Dad got back from Bible delivery in time to clean up and fuel up on the liquid that fueled the British Empire, Tea!  Once he was nourished with this life giving nectar he attacked the washing machine full force.

Mom and Aunt Syd took some time this afternoon for a daily constitutional.  It seems the cows were also out for their daily walk.  Mom did not mention how long they stayed behind the herd but she had been in Africa long enough to know that bringing up the rear on a cattle drive can be messy business.

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