December 25th

Thursday December 25th, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
We gave Robert about 60 shillings worth of groceries, 50 shillings in money, and a chocolate cake for Christmas.  Ken got a Swiss army knife, a night hawk light, some fire crackers, and some candy.  Alan got a sweater, some shorts, soccer books, and some candy.  Ken gave me 2 cook books and a 1976 diary.  Alan gave me two necklaces.  The boys gave M.G. after shave lotion and a night light.  I gave M.G. a sprinkler for the garden.

Merry Christmas to all! 

Today as we celebrate the season of giving I am reminded once again how I and many others have received the greatest gift of all.  Take the time sometime today to thank Christ for the gift of eternal life that he has enabled each and every one of us to share. 

While Alan played dress up with his new duds and read boring ole soccer books, combat Ken plotted new ways to wage war on our neighbors later that night.  It is amazing what one can do with a knife, a light, and some fire crackers.  It did not hurt that I had survival rations in the form of candy to last out the inevitable manhunt that occurred after my swift and merciless attacks.

While Alan gave Mom something that added to her beauty I gave the gifts that keep on giving-cookbooks and diaries!

Dad was well supplied with after shave once again and all was right in our world!

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