December 24th


Saturday December 24th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
Tonight we went down to the Milligan’s to take some pictures of them.  Some of the bulbs didn’t go off so we didn’t get to make very many of them.  We were supposed to have a caroling service at the church but no one came but our family.  So we went down to the Chaveda’s house and sang for Mrs. Chaveda.  The others there who spoke English were gone, so we had quite a time conversing with Mrs. Chaveda.  Robert, our yard boy, did not show up for work this morning.  We had already paid him for the rest of the month plus loaning him 130 shillings.  So we didn’t appreciate his not showing up.  I had a gift for him and his wife.  We gave him and Simeon a shirt and 2 towels for their wives.

What a difference 40 plus years make.  Dad was trying to take pictures with a camera that looked exactly like the one pictured above.  Only in those days you had to screw flashbulbs into a special holder and hope they went off at the correct time.  Tomorrow when I take pictures of the family gathering I will use a digital camera with built in flash and will know instantly whether someone had their eyes closed or were making a funny face.

Christmas caroling did not go according to plan.  I feel certain that our family rendition of “O Little Town of Bethlehem” left something to be desired.  The fact that we sung in English and they only spoke Swahili and Gujarati probably did not help the situation.  But, as with most things this season it is the thought that counts!

Robert took some unexpected time off today and did not show up for work.  He and his wife still got the Christmas presents but Mom was just a bit put out because he wasn’t there. 

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