December 23rd

Monday December 23rd, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
Tonight the adults form our station got together for supper at the Kirkpatricks.  She had shrimp Creole with rice.  I had to make French bread for my contribution.  We exchanged “gag” gifts.  Kay Eaton got my name and she gave me a toy hand mixer.  Just before Christmas M.G. had given me my gift which was a new mixer and the third time I used it burned out.  Dallas got M.G.’s name and gave him a lock.  He told him to lock up his pastor’s salaries.  Recently M.G.’s preachers had been giving him trouble about salaries.

Vance and Cherry Kirkpatrick are some of the sweetest and most down to earth people you will ever meet.  As a MK I remember thinking how that they were some of the “coolest” people around.  Uncle Vance and Aunt Cherry were always very helpful to Dad and Mom and would literally give you the shirt off their backs if that was what was needed.  They hailed from Louisiana here in the states so we got to experience holidays with a Cajun flavor while they were around.  The thing I remember most about Uncle Vance was the day I saw his doctorate diploma hanging in his office.  I can recall thinking that if I ever got that far in school (not a big chance of that happening) I would like to carry it off with the same casual confidence that he did.

Gag gifts and take away are Christmas games that have stood the test of time.  Even in Africa in the 70’s we were playing these “old” standbys and commenting how good fun never goes out of style.  I am glad to see that Mom and Dad got to “let the tension off the bow” and enjoy fellowship with “family” and friends even though miles and oceans separated them.  Please remember those close to you during this Christmas season and keep in touch with them be it by email, phone, or snail mail!

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