December 21st

Tuesday December 21st, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning Simeon and I did the washing.  Then I made a wild dash to the market to get fruit and vegetables.  Tonight we went to the movie to see “Zorro and the Three Musketeers”.  I was bored, but the boys liked it.  We put our Christmas tree up this morning.  It certainly does seem strange to be decorating for Christmas with the weather so hot.

It seems that the Christmas season is busy all around the world.  I don’t know why Mom had to make a wild dash but I guess we have to take her at her word.

Sometimes parents will endure things for their kids.  Evidently this “spaghetti western” was one such production.  I guess it does not take much of the finer arts to entertain a couple of young boys.  Just offer to shoot a few folks and kiss your horse and you have a captive audience.

This was to be our first Christmas in Kenya.  Anytime you away from home on the holidays it is different but when you also contend with a climate change you really notice the change.  Mom and Dad always worked at making anyplace home as long as our family was there.  Home really is where the heart is.  And since Mom was in Mombasa home was naturally here!

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