December 18th


Thursday December 18th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. worked on cars.  I spent most of the morning baking.  I made some Mississippi mud and tried a new recipe using dates, orange juice, etc.  It was very good.  I didn’t try the Mississippi mud.  This afternoon I went to Limuru to pick up the ham that I had ordered for Sunday night.  Also picked up the mail but we didn’t get any.  We heard today that Mr. Russell, our neighbor died in his sleep last night.  Tonight we went to the drive-in to see “The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again”.  It rained on us as we went to town but stopped after awhile.

Dad was busy being the missionary “fundi” today while Mom baked up some goodies for the date tonight.  I for one am glad Mom waited till I went to the states to try out the new “date” recipe.  However, as I get on in years I might be scouring her cookbooks for this hidden gem.

She was most likely getting the ham for a Christmas get-together on Sunday.  While she was at Limuru she picked up the mail at the post office.  Usually that meant you did not have to wait to get your mail until the afternoon.  Today was not such a day as both sons letter writing abilities were south of sub-par.

Tonight Mom and Dad went on a date to the movie.  I am sure it was a rousing success.  How could it be anything but with the likes of Conway, Knotts, Elam, and of course Mississippi mud!

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