December 17th


Saturday December 17th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Rosalind and I decorated the dining room for our tea tomorrow.  Then after lunch Ken, Kim Johnson, and I decorated our Christmas tree.  We missed Alan.  It seemed strange to just hang up one stocking.  This afternoon at 5:00pm we practiced our program for tomorrow.  Tonight we watched “Football made in Germany” and the late movie “We call her Mom”.

The pros of being raised on the mission field far outweigh the cons.  However, one of the biggest hurdles any parent has to face is the first major holiday without your first born son.  Even though Kim and I did our best to emulate the tree decorations on Rockefeller center we could not replace Mom’s son who had gone off to college.

Please make sure you remember Alan and his family this Christmas as they will be spending it without their youngest daughter who will be attending UT this spring.

After practicing for the annual Christmas get-together that was on tap for tomorrow night the Duncan’s settled down for a night of T.V. in Kenya.  “Football made in Germany” was enjoyed, as well as some obscure English movie that no one has heard of since rounded out the evening.

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