December 14th

Thursday December 14th, 1967
Kampala, Uganda
We left Kampala about 3:30.  I bought my first spoon here to start my collection of them.  I want to get one each place that I go to.  Also bought some clay pots.  We arrived at Hootens about 7:15.  Then at 10 o’clock the Holloways came in.  Bill and Jim are planning a big elephant hunt.  We had sandwiches and boiled corn for supper.  Got to bed very late.

Some people collect stamps, other people collect coins, my Mom collected spoons.  I should have guessed this would be the item she chose to save because it seemed Mom was always in the kitchen.  Today she started her collection with the initial spoon of the collection coming from Uganda.  I do not know how many spoons she had collected during her brief stay here on earth but Dad had to build a special hutch to hold them all.  If that assortment ever makes the margiesmanna collection on Ebay missions will get a tremendous boost in income.

I guess we were buying the big clay pots in preparation for the big elephant hunt.  I must be honest I thought all elephant hunts would be of the big variety!

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