December 13th

Tuesday December 13th, 1966
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went into Nairobi to take the car to have the windshield put in.  I bought me some curlers for Windy to give me a permanent tomorrow.  We had lunch in Nairobi.  When we got the car, we noticed that the windshield had a scratch on it so M.G. made them take it back and put another in it.  We got the station car from Al Cummins to use until ours is ready.  Tonight we had supper at the Cummins house.  The Laffoons, Dressens, and a Luthern missionary couple were there also.  She had charcoal steak, baked beans, and potato salad, tossed salad, rolls, tea, coffee, and cake.  Alan and Ken enjoyed the filming of the movie, “The Last Safari” that was being made here at Limuru.  He talked to Stewart Granger.

One of the big reasons Dad learned to repair cars was that at the time car repair was dicey at best from the local garage.  Mom took the trip to get some items for her home styling appointment the coming day.  Dad was not pleased with the workmanship on the car window so he “requested” that they do it again.  Take it from the younger son when Dad “requested” something if it was in your power you most likely did it.

Since we were so new to Kenya I would be willing to bet that the topic of local car repair was a lively conversation starter at supper.  Today when faced with the same situation Dad’s comment would likely be, “Africa wins again!”

Ken and Alan had a brush with greatness today.  Meeting a “real” Hollywood star was some big doings to us young folks.  When I mentioned meeting this “star” to my coworker his first reply was, “Who?”  When I tried to tell him that Stewart Granger was big in the 60’s and 70’s he was quick to remind me that he was not yet a twinkle in his Dad’s eye at the time.  Age brings wisdom for sure, but with that wisdom comes a lot of carryon luggage!

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