December 12th

Monday December 12th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
Today was Jamhuri Day for Kenya so my house helper was not at work.  I fed the Burrow family breakfast.  They were leaving for Tanzania after finishing language school.  M.G. worked in his work-shop most of the day-trying to clean it out and get things in order.  I worked in the kitchen most of the day.  Tonight I was very tired so I turned on the T.V. and watched the Jamhuri celebrations for awhile.  The President of Kenya said that 3 months from today the sale of skins would be stopped and other things made from the wildlife of Kenya.

Today was the official celebration of Kenya’s independence.  Unfortunately, it was not a day of independence for Mom or Dad.  Mom started her day off helping the Burrow’s celebrate a red-letter day in their lives with a breakfast of champions.  Dad also worked at getting things in order in his shop.  This involved putting loose screws, nuts, and bolts in various jars we had saved for that purpose.  I don’t know where Dad learned this trick but even today he hesitates to throw away an empty jar because “we might get to use it someday”.

Mom sat down after supper to catch the celebration on T.V. mainly because she knew it would help relax her.  At this time watching Kenyan T.V. was a lot like watching golf on Sunday afternoon her in the states.  Even if you dozed off you still did not miss much of the action.  Mom did stay up long enough to find out about the moratorium on wildlife related sales in 3 months.

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