December 10th

Friday December 10th, 1965
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went to town again to look around.  We saw Jack Conley on the street and he told us that Sally’s father had died.  Also we saw Ralph Harrell, Monti Montgomery, and Charles Tope.  We rushed home and ate lunch.  Upon arriving home, we found that the dog (Max) had bitten Ken on the finger.  Alan told us that he had sung him to sleep.  Then we left to go up to Limuru.  We had supper in the dining room and later had cake and coffee up at the Harrell’s house.  We met Dallas and Margie Bateman for the first time.  He is the new agriculture missionary who will be living at Limuru.  We took Monti to the airport to get a plane to America.

For some reason we were trading houses with some missionaries in Nairobi for the next few days.  I think we did the house swap thing just for a change of scenery to keep our mind off this being the first Christmas in a strange land.

While Mom and Dad were having old home week down town I was fighting off vicious wild animals.  Well Max was not that vicious and truth be known I was probably antagonizing him.  I guess the big news was that I actually went to sleep to the melodious crooning of my older brother.  I sincerely hope he won’t try that today because his dulcet tones will defiantly not bring the sandman hurrying to my door.

Dad and Mom meet our future next door neighbors for the first time today.  We became fast friends with the whole family and that relationship is still just as strong today.  The only glitch occurred when a certain young man made a fool of himself on the school bus returning from Rosslyn one day and I am sure that I (I mean he) has been forgiven for being a numbskull long ago.

Dad and Mom got to ferry Monti to the airport this evening.  One of the perks for this duty was you could hand over a final note to be mailed in the states.  That way you would know that your letter arrived in a timely manner.  Not always a given in Africa at this time of year.

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