December 8th

Monday December 8th, 1975
Arusha, Tanzania
This morning M.G. went to his class at 7:45.  I made some banana bread and washed some clothes.  We met the Petroskey family at the New Arusha Hotel and then we went out to a lake for a picnic.  The food was very good.  M.G. and Ken went out in the boat fishing with Mr. Petroskey.  Alan and Marlene went for a walk.  Mrs. Petroskey and I sat and rested.  Tonight we ate supper with the Oliphants.

Dad must have been doing something at the seminary in Arusha today.  Mom was not specific in her diary but reading several days before it seemed he was helping teach some type of class there.

The big news of the day was meeting the family of Alan’s girlfriend at the time.  “The food was very good.”  This was high praise indeed coming from my Mom.  I don’t remember what Mrs. Petroskey served on that long gone day but if Mom said it was good it must have been.

One of the things I do remember from that day is the “fishing stories” that were shared while on that boat ride.  I guess anglers are the same the world over and Mr. Petroskey cannot be blamed for trying to impress Dad with “Captain Ahab-like” exploits.  Needless to say we were glad that the evenings catch was not required for sustenance that night.

Mom and Mrs. Petroskey chose to stay on shore and “rest”, however I have often thought about what a “fencing” match must have taken place on the banks of the lake that day.  While “Ahab” was sharing stories of conquest to all who would listen Mom was applying a mixture of opportunism and deliberate “set-ups” with her counterpart at the water’s edge.  She no doubt deliberately feed Mrs. Petoskey limited information about herself and her son to gauge whether Marlene merited Alan’s affection or not.

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