December 7th

Monday December 7th, 1970
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we went to Swahili for about an hour.  M.G. had to take the Land-Rover tire in which had blown out when Davis took it hunting.  We picked up the lawn mower that was being repaired.  We bought some material for Alan to have some bell bottoms made.  Also we bought the cork for bulletin boards for the boys at Christmas.  We ate lunch at the Hilton and saw the Montgomerys, Williams form Mbeya, Hubberds, Jones, and the neighbor of Chuck Evans.  While we were in town, we saw Mrs. Robinson who is a nurse with the American Embassy.  We introduced her to Helen Williams from Mbeya.

I don’t know if it was this tire or not but mentioning hunting and blown out tires is a great lead in to this story.  One of our missionaries, who will remain nameless, was out hunting and was setting the sights on his rifle while using the tire on the front of the Land-Rover as a prop.  Even though the sight picture in the scope was clear the business end of the rifle was pointed right at the tire.  You can imagine his surprise when he squeezed off a round and the tire blew up in his face.  Missionaries like to kid as much as anyone and upon return to the truck the other hunter congratulated him on his “bagging” a “Greater Dunlop”!

Alan always wanted to be on the cusp of the latest fashions, hence purchasing the material for manufacturing of bell bottoms.  Thankfully there are no pictures that I can find of this fashion faux pa.

Dad and Mom met the gang at the Hilton for a bite at noon.  I am sure that if this was the time that the above hunting story happened much laughter was heard in the dining room.

They made contact with the Embassy nurse while in town and took the time to introduce her around to the group.  Mom and Dad knew that even at the Embassy things got lonely while you were away from home.

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