December 6th

Saturday December 6th, 1969
Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya
When we left Nairobi this morning, the rain was really coming down and it was very foggy.  We went by the post office to check our mail.  We had letters from Mama, Aunt Emma, and from Mrs. Decker that we met at Glorieta last summer.  We saw the long line of people who were waiting to vote.  We had a pleasant drive down.  It was cloudy most of the way.  We got here in Mombasa around 4 o’clock.  We stopped at the journeymen’s place and had a glass of lemonade, and then came on by Helen’s place to say hello to her.  We went over to speak to the Dattos and had a cup of tea with them.  We ate supper downtown, and then came by the Mason’s place.

Mom and Dad loaded up the clan and we went to Mombasa for a few days.  Mom mentioned that we stopped by the “snail” mail stop on the way and picked up some letters from home.  General practice was for Mom to read the letters aloud to the rest of the family.  During the reading she would lace the dialogue with “oh, I bet that tasted good” or “that’s nice to hear” and we would be assured that all was right on the home front.

This was primary election day in Kenya and the people got a chance to get out the vote.  I can’t be sure but at the time I think there was only one party you could vote for, but a vote is a vote-right?

We hit Mombasa right at tea time so as we were renewing old acquaintances we enjoyed refreshments as well.

The Dattos, an Indian family, were our neighbors while we lived in Mombasa.  Alan and I played with/terrorized they young son named Zahede.  I well remember the afternoon Zahede was over at the house playing and Alan and I somehow convinced him that one of our closets was an elevator to outer space.  We told this poor boy to wait in our room and we would show him how it worked.  Alan and I got in the closet and donned some fencing masks and armed ourselves with tennis rackets then we reappeared and told Zahede we had disposed of Alan and Ken and he was next in line for body snatching.  Needless to say he ran home screaming and Alan and I fell over laughing.  Zahede, I know it is several years to late but I apologize on behalf of myself and my brother for any nightmares that occurred from this incident.

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