December 4th

Thursday December 4th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
Tonight we ate at Mildred Cagles place in Nairobi.  The Harrells, Kirkpatricks, and us were there.  It was Tom’s birthday.  Suson Temple entertained the Pennells at our house and come by the Jones for us.  Then we took them to the airport.  They come from Kisumu on a Matatu and we were told to meet them on the Nakuru highway and they got off over here at St. Pauls College so we missed them.  Our German lady friend brought them to our house.  We got a letter from Ken today and one from my mother.

One of the great things about my Mom’s diary entries was the fact that they gave you a snapshot into everyday life.  If something momentous happened she wrote about it but she would also write about the ordinary too.  Today’s entry celebrates illustrations of both such occasions on the same day.  Tom Jones’s birthday party celebration was today and like the family we were they all got together and celebrated.  Mom listed the people present as well as some of the circumstances that placed them there.

In the next line she writes about receiving a letter from Ken, her 2nd born son.  Surely this is a momentous occasion if there ever was one.  Written proof that I could arrange words into sentences without misspelling them meant that the education they were paying for at UT was working.  This was general cause for a festival because there was a time at R.V.A. that my English writing skills were in doubt.  Later on when I had crammed 4 years into 6 at this fine educational facility I am sure Mom was beginning to have her doubts.  That, however, is another story altogether.

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