December 3rd

Tuesday December 3rd, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I washed my hair and while I was under the hair dryer I tried to write some on our newsletter.  M.G. worked out in the garden for awhile.  Robert made a batch of ginger snap cookies.  I went to Kamiritu for a women’s meeting.  Bilha went with me and she had on pants.  I was so surprised to her in them.  Several of the women took their table cloths today.  Very few of them were completely finished.  As I was letting Bilha off at her house I saw Vance Kirkpatrick so I invited him for supper.  I was talking to Betty Evans this morning and learned that the lady form Alabama would not be here tonight, but would be here tomorrow.  She was telling me that a student from NIS died from an overdose of drugs.  His body was going to be cremated for his parents are in the states.  Jim Houser came by for a short while this afternoon.  He had been to a meeting in Tanzania.  We went to Bible study at the Bateman’s house tonight.  We all signed a card for Margie’s mother.  She was to have surgery today.  We got letters today from Betty Duncan, Mary Nell, and a church in Dayton Tennessee.  The church has named an R.A. chapter for M.G.

Today Mom demonstrated that she possessed that skill that most women have and many men do not.  While drying her hair she worked on something else.  Mom was “multi-tasking” long before it became a famous buzz word.  If the truth were to be told she was also trying to figure out how to get me up my grade point average and clean my room while she was working on the newsletter.  Sorry Mom, those last two tasks required constant supervision and direction.

Mom was very surprised to see Bilha in pants today.  Most African women that I remember had some form of dress on if they had any clothes at all.  Seeing Bilha or any other Kenyan lady with pants on at that time would have really surprised me also.

Mom seemed to think it strange that the women took the table cloths home unfinished and yet most of these ladies would not think of putting a nice piece of cloth on the table when the local newspaper would suffice.  I would say most of those table cloths ended up as some article of clothing instead of a device to keep the table clean.

I remember hearing about this boy dying and wondering why he would ever want to even try drugs.  Dad and Mom let me take the time once again to say thank you for raising this child in the way he should go.  Sometimes I thought your rules were a bit crazy but now that I am a lot older I can see where they were for my own good.

Vance cashed in for supper tonight before the Bible study.  Once they got to the house the “family” of missionaries place their loving arms around Margie Bateman to help her through this trying time with her mother.

It seems the Marshall Duncan R.A. chapter was formed late last month in the states.  I don’t know what exactly the perks from such an honor are but I know they include lots of letters and at least one more place to speak on an already busy schedule on furlough.  Dad took the accolades in stride however, as he does now while continuing to serve the Lord wherever He puts him.  This is probably one of the lessons that Mom and Dad really hope took root in Alan’s and mine lives.

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