December 2nd

Friday December 2nd, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
Molly came up today to do some laundry.  Her houseboy came along to help her and to do his ironing on my board.  This afternoon Jim came by and wanted to lie down for his head was hurting.  We will miss the Houser’s for our boys are such good friends.  Tonight we went to see Alan’s Christmas program.  He was dressed as a Texas cowboy.  After the program M.G. and I went to the late movie, “Ten Little Indians”.  Ellen and Sally came too and we took them home afterwards.

Bonds that form between missionaries while serving in the field together are some of the strongest.  Even today I am closer to some of my missionary “family” than my blood family.  There must be something about facing the trials of life on foreign soil that binds hearts together for life.

I have seen several dozen Christmas plays in my now 47 years of life.  But I must say that I cannot remember the story line behind Alan’s portrayal of Christmas as a Texan.  However in my mind’s eye I see all the familiar characters there.  The horned toads, the roadrunners, and of course that loveable star of the show the Texas cowboy.  I am sure that there was not a dry eye in the house when he saddled up and road off into the sunset.

Even though I jest at Alan’s acting I am just as sure that Mom had not a clue what was going on at the late movie being it was an Agatha Christie murder mystery!

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