November 30th

Sunday November 30th, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G., Alan, Marlene, and I went into the Nairobi Baptist Church for the 11:00am service.  We got there just as it began.  Afterwards we went to the Intercontinental for lunch.  Then we went to the movie for Alan and Marlene had to be at the Nairobi Chapel by 5 o’clock so we did not have time to drive back to Limuru.  We saw the movie, “The Strongest Man in the World”.  It was a Walt Disney movie.  The R.V.A. choir sang again at 8:00pm at the Chapel.  Afterwards Alan and Marlene went back on the bus.  M.G. and I went to the Hilton for supper and then on to the airport to meet Vestal and Carol Jean Blakely who were coming in from the states.  Vestal has been there for surgery.

Alan and his girlfriend at the time got to stay at the Duncan household last night.  The reason they barely made it to the 11 o’clock service was no doubt due to Alan spending too much time at the breakfast table.  I am sure Marlene could not be blamed for enjoying her share of the feast also.

Looks like they got to church right on time and still got out to beat the Methodist to the restaurant.  Yes, even in Kenya the rivalry over who gets the good seats at the eating joint runs fierce.

Alan was not gainfully employed at this time so I am sure Dad not only got the tab at lunch but also footed the bill for the show as well.  Mom probably tried to assuage Dad’s feelings with some story about “he’s only young for a little while”.

Alan and Dad are the people in the Duncan clan that are blest with good voices.  Mom and I could not carry a tune in a bucket if you tied our hands to it.  We, Mom and I, both tried to be very literal about our joyful noise and made it just that.

Alan and the girl hitched a ride back to the rift on the choir bus and Mom and Dad went out for a quick snack and then on to the airport to pick up some fellow missionaries.  All in all this was quite a busy day for the Duncan’s.

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