November 29th

Sunday November 29th, 1970
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I kept the nursery from 9 till 10.  Then M.G. and I went out to one of the churches to tell them about the women’s meeting.  We ate lunch at the assembly.  This afternoon at 2:00pm M.G. and I went to a meeting at the Mimosa Church.  We parked the car on the road and walked through coffee crops, hog pens, yards, etc. to get to the church.  Then we sat for almost 2 hours on benches without any backs.  It was very hot in the church and the flies were terrible.  Tonight I stayed home and cooked supper for Frank Baugh and us.

Today started off like any normal Sunday in a Baptist home.  Mom kept the nursery then she and dad went to lunch at the cafeteria.  It was not until this afternoon that Dad and Mom earned another set of stripes in the battle for the hearts and minds of the Kenyans.  How many of us here in the US would tolerate such conditions in our place of worship.  When I read entries like the one above it makes me ashamed to complain at all about my air conditioned comfort filled life.  Perhaps today’s post will remind me as well as some of you out there that Christ calls us to cast aside every weight to serve him!

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