November 27th

Thursday November 27th, 1969
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning I fried the chicken that I was supposed to take to the Moore’s place for our Thanksgiving dinner.  We ate outside even though it looked a lot like rain.  There were 31 of us present.  Frank Baugh from Mbeya was there along with our station.  This afternoon at 5:00 we went to the movie “If Its Tuesday This Must Be Belgium”.  We sat with the Pearce’s and Cunningham’s.  Afterwards we took the boys to Wimpy’s place and bought them each a hamburger and coke.  M.G. and I were not hungry.  After getting home, we went over to the girl’s place and looked at “Hazel” on T.V.  I made one batch of banana bread.

Every year that we were in Kenya we celebrated turkey day sans the turkey.  There is not even a local bird that comes close to tasting like this fowl.  This must be the reason that I enjoy turkey so much today because it was conspicuous by its absence over there.

The mission family once again gathers together to observe our common heritage.  Even though Frank was from Mbeya, Tanzania he was welcome at our table.

To enjoy this movie one must have traveled on a schedule at some time during their life.  I know that I have awakened in a strange bed, in a strange country, and the only way I could discern my local was to know the day of the week.

Alan and I were not all that different than other young American boys because even though we had just enjoyed a great meal we were able to find room for a burger and coke.  Once Mom and Dad got us tucked into bed they got to enjoy a taste of home on the black and white T.V. at the neighbors.

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