November 26th


Sunday November 26th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
We were very tired this morning after being awake so late.  M.G. and I left at 10 o’clock to go to Gikuni to the church service.  We took Michael with us to translate into Kikuyu.  Tonight Dale Hooper preached at the 6:00 English service.  We had lots of visitors-Cotton Wright and his wife from the FMB, the Loos from Mbeya, the Mitchells, the Richardsons from Nairobi, Gayle, and a choir from Rosslyn Academy.  After church this morning, we learned from Larry Thomas that Alan’s team won 29 to 14.  Tonight on the ham we picked up Charlie and Alan.  It was great to hear that Alan made 5 field goals.  He missed one and had he made it he would have broken the SEC record for the most field goals in one game.  He did break the U.T. record.  His field goals were 48, 42, 40, 42, and 36 yards.

Alan, I cannot claim any fame for the outcome of the Kentucky game however, looks like you got your wish! (See November 13th 2007 post)

Mom and Dad had stayed up late to listen to the Kentucky game on Armed Forces Radio the night before.  However it appeared that they had not found out the final score.  Turns out that my older (albeit not more handsome) brother was the hero of the day.  As you can see from the picture this is one of the records he holds at UT even today.  We had several visitors on the “hill” tonight for church and I can guarantee that no one left the room without knowing what Alan had done the night before in America.  I don’t know if the Vols knew I needed some material for the blog on Monday but I publicly thank them for letting me segue for today’s post.  Boys, I give you thanks for spanking the “CATS” on Saturday night.

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