November 25th

Saturday November 25th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning I baked a cake while M.G. was gone to the Muslim Institute.  Then we all went to town.  I went to the vegetable market, grocery store, and got a present for Alan to take to the party of one of his friend’s tomorrow night.  This afternoon was Sport’s Day at Alan and Ken’s school.  Each of them was in some of the events.  Their house won the Sport’s award.  Tonight we went to the movie, “One Born Every Minute”.  After the movie was over Ken said, “I thought it would be a woman in the hospital.”

Mom and Dad did some baking and shopping before attending the festivities at the School.  Alan being the sportsman of the family excelled in these contests.  This and other sports days no doubt paved the way for future success on the soccer, rugby, basketball, and football venues.  Ken on the other hand gravitated to his strengths today as evidenced by his comment about the movie.  I am sure throughout the entire flick I kept wondering when they were going to get to the hospital.  Perhaps exercising my thought process did prepare me some for my future work in computers.  However, just like George C. Scott in this movie, this was not one the finer moments of my life.  I will take heart though because Edison failed a few times on his road to success. 

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